Writer Talk: Planning 2021

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I plan on:

finishing Warrior Tithe by the end of January and hopefully self-publishing it this year.

-working on my editor’s notes (when they come in) for Eastside Hedge Witch & working hard to get it published through @MadRaptorPro this year.

-making Eastside Faerie submission worthy and submitting it.

-finishing and shopping the two short stories I’m working on. If I don’t find a home for them, I’ll put them up on Smashwords.

-supporting #indieauthors by featuring their work in my blog.

-supporting traditionally published authors by beta reading.

-continuing reading and learning to be a better writer and hybrid author.

-learning more about marketing my indie books.

-creating a newsletter to keep fans up to date when all my works will be coming out.

These are my goals. What are your plans for 2021?

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