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  • Marketing Monday:Newsletters
    If you have a newsletter and write fantasy, would you be interested in doing a newsletter swap? I have spaces available to advertise books in my premiere newsletter coming out this month. Please contact me through the contact page with a link to where your book is sold.
  • Marketing Monday: Book Reviews
    How many reviews do your books have? The answer matters and here’s why.
  • MARKETING MONDAY: Advertising on a Budget
    Investing in your indie author business doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Advertisements don’t have to be costly to be effective. All it takes is research and knowing where to place your money where your dollar (or whatever currency you use) is most effective.

Author Interviews

  • Author Interview: Emmy tidning
    Second Sight is another term for clairvoyance or ESP, so my Second Sight romance series features stories where the protagonist works as a divination, occult, or alternative therapy specialist. They often use their fortune telling or basic empathy skills to get to the bottom of what their love interest or the antagonist wants. It’s also a play on the fact that the meet-cute is the first meeting, but the second time they see each other is really the one where they start to fall for each other or the stories get interesting. It’s like love at second sight.
  • Author Spotlight: P. A. Hayden and L. A. Cunningham
    TJ: Hello! Welcome to Author Spotlight where both new and veteran authors share a little about themselves and their work. Today we have P. A. Hayden and L. A. Cunningham.
  • Author Spotlight: Q & A with The Tapestry Group
    TJ: Welcome to Author Spotlight, where I interview new and veteran authors. This week we have The Tapestry Group headed by Arthur David. Tell me a little about[…]

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